Supra Skytop shoes, you are a good choice!

Since the 1980s, Supra has grown into an international brand and began producing clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc. and created the acclaimed Supra PRO series shoes. After nearly 30 years of efforts, Supra has more than 90 countries around the world, the Supra produced Supra high shoes new flange men called world-class design, quality, sturdy and practical, or functional. In the shoe sector, but few people know that ever since the since the founding of the Supr, she is their friend and supporters of the extreme sports related products, Supra has reservations about.

Supra Skytop Supra Skytop, including Supra Skytop 2,Supra Skytop 3, and other outdoor leisure products. Image of masculine Supra also began to pay attention to the female market. The microblogging number of fans the world's second on the Bibb in 2011, one hundred of the Forbes Global star rating ranked third it called on the people out of their small world, the full enjoyment of nature. Tide footwear brand Supra has brought us its new summer Indian color suits the series set to the Indian tradition of sea blue and red color as the main choice.

Supra Skytop 2 Tide footwear brand Supra Skytop has brought us its new summer Indian color suits the series set to the Indian tradition of sea blue and red color options, including the Skytop III and the Pilot are two shoes to choose from. The package is a wax-type Montenegro sheepskin material as the main material, accompanied by the corrugated Xiaolangdi or textured vulcanized bottom, the overall appearance giving the impression that the flow along, but without losing the despot. The series is now landing Supra Skytop retailers and online stores.

Supra hiking shoes cleaning methods

Supra skytop shoes cleaning methods outdoor traveling back fatigue I do not forget our most important travel partners in the Supra. Supra hiking shoes cleaning method, let Supra Xiaobian Brief twelve! The first step to unlock the new men's black laces of the Supra mountaineering, because the skin surface has a lot of fine dust, Supra shoes, which will plug the leather breathable, while the dust particles will increase the friction between the laces and leather , a long time which root sewing thread and cut off is not fun, so at the moment do not bother. shoes nozzle wet, my suggestion is certainly a live water, so you can put shoes on fully wash off the surface dust, soil or placed in the basin will be contaminated to a different location. Another advantage is that the shower head does not engage in wet shoes inside the.

Supra Skytop 3 On the bathing solution (professional hiking shoes cleaning agents), Granger'' s the bubble is not much need to use strength pressing a before washing liquid, and then start scrubbing brush ..... scrub brush, All over the place carefully clear the side of this thing, feeling better than shoe brushes used will spit bubbles ..... mud clean up the rubble of the following Supra climbing shoes soles with useless toothbrush and paste in the lines, it will make you more comfortable in the next wearing the insole taken out brush brush, clean the insole below the foreign body with a wet towel to wipe a few surface dust can bring out the small foreign body wash supra sky top shoes surface cleaners, it is best to use the large flow of water, try not to have shoes is a little dry residue after washing point when coated with a waterproofing agent, basic hiking shoes toe protection have been plastic, this place dry the fastest, waterproofing agent can be in this place is a little dry, supra shoes, the shoes are too moist waterproof agent daub up diluted very easily, very easily flow down. usually each brand will be very multi-purpose hiking shoes cleaners and waterproofing agent, basically three kinds of soft lamb face / smooth leather / fabric leather stitching surface. Do not be lazy Oh, Supra mountaineering new flange men clean new look to make it ready for the next trip!

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